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    14:14 - Wed 2017.02.15


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    Get Youtube video views with WeHeartIt

    This method helps you increase your Youtube channels earnings by sending traffic to videos and helps you gain more subscribers.
    1) The main thing with this method is to have a main video image that makes people want to click and view the video. For this you will need a decent image editing software or to simply find a screenshot in your video which looks the most interesting. In my case I am making cute pet videos with cats and dogs, sometimes these go viral with this technique.
    2) Make an account on WeHeartIt for your Youtube Channel or just pick a general account name. Setup a decent avatar image and also add a link to your Youtube channel and follow a few people.
    3) Since WeHeartIt doesn't allow a Youtube video to be directly entered as it is a image sharing site we use a simple workaround that also gets us an extra backlink. Go to YTScreen and enter the Youtube video URL, this will get the main screenshots from your Youtube video with links to your video and channel pages.
    4) Assuming you can correctly see the screenshots and video details now copy the YTScreen URL that looks like this:
    Enter that new URL into WeHeartIt and it will give you some images to pick from with the main video image. Click that and create or pick a image collection ("Cute cats" etc), set some keywords that suit the video topic like "cats" and "pets" etc (Have "your channel name", "youtube" and "video" also).
    It will now display the image for your video on WeHeartIt and you have a new backlink on YTScreen which will give you additional web traffic. Repeat this step until you have added all the videos you want to share and make sure to have good keywords which is what will get your images found and shared on WeHeartIt.